Our Practice Areas

Telecommunications and information technology are not like any other business, and a telecom/IT lawyer is not like any other business lawyer. There may be contracts to negotiate, transactions to maneuver and mergers and acquisitions to hammer out, but they are highly technical matters with significant regulatory oversight.

With such complicated matters, it can make an important difference for your attorney to have a strong background in telecom. A lawyer with expertise in working with telecom/IT businesses and customers will have an in-depth understanding of the issues you face, including ones you might not even realize.

Telecom and IT Issues In Which We Can Represent You

Ben Bronston is prepared to represent you on any business matter pertaining to telecommunications and information technology. Some of the most common ones can include:

Telecom Contracts

Whether you are a provider, distributor, agent or enterprise customer, it is absolutely essential that all agreements between your business and any other party be well-crafted. Your company’s future is at stake, and a contract that puts you in a poor position could sink your bottom line or, even worse, your entire company. Ben Bronston understands the telecom business and will work to negotiate and draft contracts that reflect your best interests.

Obtaining FCC Permission

In order to conduct business in the telecommunication industry, you nearly always must obtain some sort of license — often, multiple licenses. Ben Bronston has a vast understanding of state and federal licensing procedures and he can help you identify and obtain the licenses you will need.

Regulatory/Tax Compliance

The telecom industry is heavily regulated, and there is significant red tape involved in conducting telecommunications business. There are licensing requirements, filing requirements, reporting requirements and other necessary initial and ongoing steps you must take with the Federal Communications Commission. Ben Bronston can help you cut through the red tape with customized compliance packages.

Business Transactions

Transactions are an absolutely essential part of the telecommunications business — it’s not a business unless there are transactions. Those transactions require due diligence, compliance with regulation, and other concerns that a skilled telecom lawyer can help you address. Ben Bronston has handled hundreds of telecom transactions.

Mergers and Acquistions

Whenever a telecommunications company acquires another and merges it with their own, there must be a purchase agreement, due diligence must be conducted, and there may be significant rules and regulations that require compliance. Ben Bronston can help you navigate the myriad of legal issues you must contend with during an M&A transaction.

Telecom Disputes

Not everyone is going to see things eye-to-eye. With so many factors and with so much as stake in the telecommunications business, there will be disputes between parties, and those disputes can involve serious amounts of money and serious risk. Ben Bronston will represent you in disputes and conduct negotiations for you, seeking the best possible outcome.

There are limitless possibilities for what situations might occur in the telecom business that call for the advice of a knowledgeable attorney. For any such matter, you can rely on Ben Bronston.